The Snow Child – Christmas 2015

The Snow Child - 2015
The Snow Child – 2015

What does it mean to love?

From the company that brought you The Blue Bird comes Butterfly Psyche Theatre’s newest family production, exclusively for The Rondo Theatre this Christmas.  Based on the Russian Fairy-tale, The Snow Maiden, Butterfly Psyche’s distinct magical style offers a very special treat for everyone this Holiday season.

Come join us in a magical Arctic Wonderland where Father Frost and Mother Spring duke it out under the Night’s Magic Rainbow!

Will they grant Rodney and Elaine’s Magical Snow Wish?
Will the Winter Hunters defeat the Polar Bears at the Battle of Walrus Point?
Will the Girl Made of Snow finally know what it means to love?

After every show there is a 20 minute “Stay and Play” for children and their big people as well as those who are ‘young at heart’ and there is special Christmas Packed Tea available for the 4pm show on December 18th – (dietary options available via booking page).

Please contact for further details or visit The Rondo Theatre  listing page for more information.

Tickets range from £6 – £14 (Family Ticket Offer – book 4 tickets, and get one free!)

Click here to book now! 

There are a number of Assisted Performances, including Relaxed Performances, British Sign Language (BSL) Translated, Touch Tours for the visually impaired (and show transcripts in your preferred format). There will be FREE pre-show Visual Story packs available.


Ticket Prices – £14/10
BSL = British Sign Language Interpreted Performance (£10/£6)
R = Relaxed Performances (£10/£6)
BiS = Big Scream Performance (£10/£6)
Tickets for this performance will operate on a ‘Babes in Arms’ policy (a child of 18 months or younger does not need a ticket providing they can be held by a parent/guardian).

Wednesday – Dec 9
7pm (£14/£10)

Thurs – Dec 10
7pm (£14/£10)

Friday – Dec 11
4pm (this is a BSL performance – £10/£6), 7pm (£14/£10)

Saturday – Dec 12
2.30pm (£14/£10), 7pm (£14/£10)

Sunday – Dec 13
11am (this is a Relaxed Performance – £10/£6), 2.30pm (£14/£10)

Tuesday – Dec 15
7pm (this is a Relaxed Performance – £10/£6)

Wednesday – Dec 16
7pm (this is a BSL performance – £10/£6)

Thursday – Dec 17
11am (this is a BiS performance– £10/£6), 7pm (£14/£10)

Friday – Dec 18
4pm (£14/£10), 7pm (£14/£10)

Saturday – Dec 19
2.30pm (this is a BSL performance – £10/£6), 7pm (£14/£10)

Sunday – Dec 20
11am (£14/£10), 2.30 (this is a Relaxed Performance – £10/£6)

All booking is through ticket source and all discounts are automatically applied.

The Snow Child is generously funded and supported by:

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One thought on “The Snow Child – Christmas 2015

  1. Me and my two children really enjoyed The snow child at Rondo theater.Whole experience of journey from Bristol to bath by train and little walk was lovely.We were so welcomed by people there.My 4 years old son is Autistic and we experience many challenging daily especially simple outing can be so challenging for us.I feel often high anxiety to go shopping/getting bus/social places.My son showed anxiety at the beginning of the show as it was a new environment for him and he didn’t know what was happening and he disturbed the show little but I didn’t have to feel like we were completely ” in the wrong place” feeling and pack up my stuff to leave in tears. We had a lovely experience.I believe “The snow child experience” taught many many good things to my son.For me as a parent of Special Needs, to have met such a lovely theater and what they offer to our children and community is so important.Thank you so much!My son laminated The snow child little poster today.We will put it in a flame soon as a very special days

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